Sponsors & Donors

We would like to thank the following individuals, corporations and foundations for their support in helping to keep the LAM Trust’s mission alive:

Peter Gordon – London – Chef and creator of the Feijoa, Ginger and Vanilla Yoghurt 2019

The Collective – Auckland NZ

Dr Jeff Lindenmayer and Heather Telford – Melbourne

The David Levene Foundation

The Douglas Charitable Trust

Marti & Gerard Friedlander

Angela & Pete Manase, Manase Travel Studio

ASB Community Trust 

E.B. Firth Charitable Trust

J.R. McKenzie Trust 

The Donnelly Trust 

Merck Sharp & Dohme (NZ) Ltd 

Ofer and Jasmine Shenhav

Click here to find out how you can donate and help fund the cure for LAM


Our thanks and appreciation also go out to the following people, for their contribution to the Trust’s media related materials:

Shaun Bradley – Our fabulous graphic designer, and volunteer for many years 
Alan Doak – For the first LAM website, and maintenance from 1999-2007 
Miriam Roberts – Coordinator of the website redesign project
Debra Stratford (Design Queen) – Creator of the redesigned LAM website (2007) and volunteer webmaster
Peter Roband – PH3D design