A Good End to 2019: An exciting beginning for 2020 LAM Research

The Team at the University of Otago – Associate Investigator, Professor Mike Eccles, Dr Erin McCauley Principal Investigator, Department of Pathology and LAM Research Fellow Ryan Powell, together with Dr Sharon Pattison, Dept of Oncology at Dunedin Hospital and the NZ LAM Trust are happy to announce two successful funding grants for 2020.

We have received a  funding grant of  $71,608.00  from the Cancer Research Trust NZ ( formerly Genesis Oncology Trust), along with a funding grant of $15,000 from the Maurice and Phyllis Paykel Medical Research Fund.

These funds will enable the team to progress the LAM Case Study and to perform the 850K methylation analysis on our entire LAM Cohort during 2020.

We are grateful to the team at Otago and to the ongoing support from Professor Merv Merrilees –University of Auckland and Dr Jilly Evans, University of Philadelphia in our continuing quest to find the ‘answer to LAM’.