Save the Date: 2020 International LAM Research Conference and LAMposium

April 30 – May 3, 2020

The Summit Hotel
Cincinnati, Ohio

Please mark your calendars to join us at the SUMMIT HOTEL in Cincinnati, Ohio. Look for more details to come as we prepare to celebrate our 25th Anniversary! We hope to see you there! 

What is LAMposium?



The International LAM Research Conference and LAMposium is the largest LAM conference in the world – attracting more than 375 people representing the global LAM community to one location.

The conference is made up of 3 Events in One, productively focusing on:

Educating Patients and Families (LAMposium) LAM is rare. Women with LAM, families and friends have the opportunity to share their experiences living with LAM and learn the latest news in LAM research and clinical care from LAM experts from around the world. At LAMposium, patients can easily meet and connect with others with LAM and with researchers and clinicians who are leaders in their fields.

Sharing and Inspiring New Research (LAM International Research Conference) 
The research conference is critical to advancing LAM research efforts, fostering dialog, cultivating relationships and understanding among the LAM researchers and clinicians who attend. More than 110 researchers and clinicians share results of current studies, trials and clinical therapies. Our unique model of bringing researchers and clinicians together with patients is a key factor in creating and sustaining interest, momentum and progress in the study of LAM.

Generating Partnerships and Funds to Find a Cure (Breath of Hope Gala)
Nearly 450 people gather at the “Breath of Hope” Gala on Saturday evening to raise funds to find a cure. The Gala is an inspiring event to celebrate the resilience and strength of all women with LAM.

One patient described her LAMposium experience by saying, “I always learn something new and interesting at LAMposium, whether it’s related to the science and research behind the disease, or how someone else is handling a certain issue. It’s always good to connect with other women who share the same struggles and hopes. LAMposium is always a very positive experience!”