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Jilly Evans

On June 26 New Zealander Dr Jilly Evans will join the LAM Investigation Team led by Professor Vera Krymskaya at the University of Philadelphia.
Jilly is a member of the US LAM Scientific Board and has had a close association with the New Zealand LAM Trust for 15 years. 

She visits New Zealand a number of times a year and the Trust is very excited to know that Jilly will be working full time on novel ideas re LAM Cell proliferation and inhibition.

Jilly Evans, PhD, FRSNZ (Hon) has recently retired as the chief scientific officer and co-founder of US-based biopharmaceutical company PharmAkea Therapeutics. With more than 30 years’ experience conducting biochemistry research, Jilly is a world authority in the eicosanoid field (molecules that control inflammation and immunity) with her research resulting in more than 100 peer-reviewed published papers.