June 2017 Update – ATS Conference

LAM Trust Director, Bronwyn Gray recently travelled to Washington DC to attend the annual ATS meeting. This very large gathering of the American Thoracic Society held in May 2017, was an opportunity for American and World Wide lung specialists to update themselves about important research projects, new investigation and clinical research trials involving many common and less common lung conditions. 

Among the more rare lung conditions was an opportunity to showcase LAM Investigation: A Poster presentation showing interim results of the collaboration between the Universities of Auckland (Prof M Merrilees) and the Universities of Pennsylvania (Professor Vera Krymskaya), Seattle and Chicago outlined results of current LAM research and we look forward to full publication of this collaboration later this year.

Professor Simon Johnson

Poster Presentation at the Washington ATS Conference: pictured — Professor Simon Johnson of Nottingham University UK, Post DocKatharina Meisel from University of Chicago and Post Doc Kseniya Obraztsova from the University of Pennsylvania)