Educating Pulmonologists at the ATS Conference

Over 16,000 pulmonologists from more than 90 countries gathered in Washington, DC, for the annual American Thoracic Society (ATS) Conference.

The LAM Foundation attended, educating physicians, researchers and clinic coordinators, building LAM awareness in this action-filled week., prior to the Annual LAM Foundation Patient and Clinical Conference, also being held in Washington at the end of June. 

The month of June is Worldwide LAM Awareness Month (WWLAM). For the first time ever, the globally recognized Worldwide LAM Awareness Day, has been expanded to the entire month of June. 

Rare disease advocacy, scientific progress and hope for a better future for women with LAM depends upon many people continuing to be involved in increasing awareness and continued fund raising; 

Many LAM Patients and their families from all over the world support the work of their country’s advocacy and research teams;

Imeleta and her husband Brett Maddox

Here in New Zealand, LAM patient Imeleta Maddox from Green Bay in Auckland received new lungs in a double lung transplant at Auckland Hospital on May 24. 

Imeleta is recovering very well and is now at Greenlane’s “Hearty Towers ” doing a month of post surgery rehabilitation. 

The Cardio Thoracic Team led by Dr David Haydock and the NZ LAM Trust Board and its research and investigation group led, in New Zealand by Professor Merv Merrilees, wish Imeleta a speedy recovery and return to her family and to her new life.

Lisa Wyeth

Invercargill woman, Lisa Wyeth is celebrating her 13th year post double lung transplant. The LAM Trust congratulates both Imeleta and Lisa and wish them well.