September 2013 LAM NZ Update

Associate Professor Janette Kay Burgess

Following on from the very successful Short Course on Rare Lung Disease, hosted by the Australian Lung Foundation on 9 and 10 August in Sydney, the NZ LAM Trust has invited Professor Janette Burgess from the University of Sydney to visit Professor Merv Merrilees at the University of Auckland, to continue their collaborative work on the extra cellular matrix.

Dr Burgess, an international pioneer of the work on the extra cellular matrix and its role in airway disease presented from her particular area of expertise, the molecular and cellular biology of lung disease; both investigators have a major focus on interstitial lung disease and Dr Burgess welcomes the opportunity to work with the LAM Trust’s principal investigator Professor Merrilees in Auckland.

The visit will take place in October and the Trust thanks its donors for the funding to make this on going collaboration possible.