The NZ LAM Trust is delighted to announce that we have recently joined the newly created Australasian LAM organisation: LARA – LAM Australasia Research Alliance.

The Patron of LARA is well known Sydney social commentator, Bettina Arndt.

LARA’s President is Heather Telford (Melbourne) and Vice President is Bronwyn Gray (Auckland)

Both New Zealand and Australian LAM organisations are committed to the continuing suport of LAM patients in each of our countries. We are fully committed to working in the wider community to raise awareness about LAM and to continue to raise funds to support ongoing scientific research into the causes and hopefully a cure for this disease.

LARA’s Scientific and Medical Advisory group is made up of clinical and basic science experts from each of our countries.

Work is underway for the setting up of the first Australasian drug trial for LAM patients.

Dr Debbie Yates at St Vincents Hospital in Sydney is the Principal Investigator for this first ever clinical trial and LARA is committed to supporting this exciting work.

Members of LARA’s Advisory Group are:

  • Professor Innes Asher (Auckland)
  • Professor Judith Black (Sydney)
  • Dr Christine Forster (Auckland)
  • Assoc Professor Allan Glanville (Sydney)
  • Assoc Professor John Kolbe (Auckland)
  • Dr Jeff Lindenmayer (Melbourne)
  • Dr John McLachlan (Hamilton)
  • Assoc Professor Mervyn Merrilees (Auckland)
  • Dr Abe Rubinfeld (Melbourne)
  • Professor Greg Snell (Melbourne)
  • Dr Helen Whitford (Melbourne)
  • Dr Margaret Wilsher (Auckland)
  • Dr Deborah Yates (Sydney)