1st June 2014... LAM Awareness Day

Start donating to the LAM Trust for the LAM Awareness Day:

April 2014... LAM Chat with Dr Frank McCormack in Chicago

LAM Trust Director Bronwyn Gray chats to Dr Frank McCormack at the LAM Scientific and Patient Conference in Chicago 28-30 March 2014.

Postgraduate Scholarship - lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM) pathogenesis - in Sydney

Sydney's premier respiratory research team, located at the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research, are looking for a PhD student with a passion for respiratory research to join our team to investigate the pathophysiology of LAM.

This project will be part of a joint endeavour between the University of Sydney, Australia and our collaborators at the University of Auckland, New Zealand and will be supervised by Senior Researchers at both Universities.

The scholarship stipend is AU$25,000 pa (tax exempt) with an opportunity for additional support to attend national and international conferences subject to satisfactory progress.

> Please see the full description here.

January 2014... A New Year for LAM Research

The New Zealand LAM Trust announces a new three year LAM research and investigation collaboration involving the Universities of Auckland and Sydney.
Professor Merv Merriees from Auckland and Professor Janette Burgess from Sydney will work on the new project due to begin in the first half of 2014.
The work will involve the funding of a PHd student and the project will take place at both Universities.
Funding for this exciting new project will be shared by the New Zealand LAM Trust and by the University of Sydney.

International Rare Disease Day will be on Friday 28 February.
Along with thousands of rare disease support groups, the New Zealand LAM Trust supports this global initiative and welcomes on line donations

Registration is now open for the 17th International LAM Scientific and Patient Conference ; this year the meeting will be held in Chicago, Illinois :
March 27 - 30 2104.

For registration or expressions of interest please contact Sally Lamb

October 2013 News:

The 2014 International LAM Science, Research and Patient Conference will take place in Chicago USA: March 28 - 30

All LAM researchers, patients and their families are invited from New Zealand to join more than 400 visiting patients, physicians, researchers and supporters from the USA, Canada Europe, South America, Australia and Asia in Chicago next year.

So Save the Dates and further details will be posted about the venue and the scientific and patient programmes.


Thank you to those supporters who donated during September towards our research programme by using the online donation system on our website.

These funds will be used to support funding for a Summer Studentship at the University of Auckland.

Contact us:

Director: NZ LAM Trust
Bronwyn Gray
09 376 4936
Secretary: New Zealand LAM Trust
Jan Barrett
09 3786 605
General Practitioner Advice
New Zealand LAM Trust
Dr Christine Forster
Freemans Bay Medical Centre
09 378 6653

Welcome to the New Zealand LAM Charitable Trust

Established in Auckland in 1999, the New Zealand LAM Trust is one of a number of patient and family organisations around the world working alongside scientists, clinicians and researchers, raising awareness about the disease Lymphangioleiomyomatosis and helping raise funds to support research into its cause and ultimately its cure.


  • To help to transform the vision of a future without LAM into a reality
  • To intensify our efforts to raise funds for scientific research
  • To educate general practitioners to recognise early symptoms of LAM
  • To identify and provide support for every LAM patient in New Zealand.


  • To provide support for persons diagnosed with LAM and their families
  • To become the source of information for persons affected with LAM
  • To publish educational materials on LAM for all interested individuals
  • To raise awareness of LAM, to improve early detection and diagnosis
  • To maintain a database of persons throughout the country who have LAM
  • To foster and fund research aimed at finding a cause of and cure for LAM and ultimately, preventative measures
  • To sponsor conferences, workshops and scientific meetings related to LAM
  • To raise money to support the goals.

With support for New Zealand women suffering from LAM and fundraising for research as the central focus, the New Zealand LAM Trust is committed to the above challenges.